One of my favorite products we’ve had here is: 710 Labs Lemon Tart Pucker #1! I love to roll a nice joint, or enjoy a nice bonghit topped with hash. I love Jalapeño Kettle Chips when I’m high. I usually prefer listening to music over watching tv. But either way I enjoy smoking and hanging out. I also enjoy playing Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Final Fantasy, or The Legend of Zelda when it’s chill-time. In my spare time I enjoy hiking and snowboarding. I also have a passion for music, whether it’s listening, jamming out with other people, or making and recording my own music.



 I’ve lived here in Humboldt County since 2017. Some of my favorite products we’ve carried here before are: Dutch Cookies by Fig Farms, Garlic Cookies by Papa Select, and Zkittles by Wox. Some of my favorite ways to consume Cannabis are: Dabs, blunts, joints, bonghits, pipes, vapes, and edibles - in that Order. I’ll eat anything when I’m high! Literally anything. I like to play Apex, Red Dead Redemption and GTA, I also enjoy any interesting shows and movies, especially documentaries. I probably enjoy fishing and riding downhill bikes the most when I’m high.


I’ve lived here in Humboldt County for almost a year. Some of my favorite brands here are Wox, 710, Papa Select, Squibs, Good Stuff Lemonades. Some of my favorite ways to consume Cannabis are: cold start dabs, edibles, fat blunts and bong rips. I love chocolate covered almonds or Roman’s when the munchies kick in. Some of my favorite shows are: Parks and Rec, King of the Hill, The Simpsons, Family Guy, 12 oz mouse, Sealab 2021. I really like to kayak, go on hikes, hang out at the beach looking for agates and going to yard sales looking for treasures.


I’ve lived here in Humboldt County since 2016. Some of my favorite products/brands we’ve carried here before are: Warlock by The Heart of Humboldt, ABX, Fig Farms, Papa & Barkley, and Space Gems. I always enjoy a classic joint, hitting a spiffy bong, but #dablife. My favorite snack while high is honestly Trail Mix. I feel like I can eat all the Trail Mix in the world when I’m high. Some of my favorite shows are: Survivor, Dr. Who, Supernatural, Black Mirror, and Love, Death & Robots. My favorite game is Star Wars Battlefront on PS2. When I’m high I enjoy writing, hiking, painting, discussing details of a book, I’ll do just about anything when high.



My name is Hank, I'm a cancer survivor, and a cannabis enthusiasts. I truly enjoy helping patients find the right products and correct dosages to further elevate their lives. This plant has helped me in so many ways and I've dedicated my life to spreading the word and educating the public about its wondrous uses. I have grown personally for 10 years and have experienced the changes throughout the industry. In my free time I enjoy fishing, kayaking, and hanging out with my son and family. I am greatful for the opportunities and blessings that cannabis has brought into my life.