I am the owner of The Heart of Humboldt. I enjoy the local brand, Space Gem gummies and I like to relax with an infused Root Beer with vanilla ice cream. Yum! I enjoy playing poker, spending time with my family on trips, and entertaining for fun crowds. 

Purchasing Manager

I thoroughly enjoy all ways of consuming cannabis, but more often than not, you'll find me with a torch in hand, heating up dabs. My favorite in-house strain is White Runtz- an earthy, relaxing strain with subtle hints of sweetness.  My hobbies consist of whipping up new recipes in the kitchen, volunteering with various local animal rescues, and expanding my personal garden. 


My favorite way to consume cannabis is with a bong or a joint. There is nothing like sharing a J with a friend or two on a foggy Humboldt day. Apple Fritter is by far my favorite flower in years. It is very tasty and stoney. I am a writer and a gamer, an artist and reader. When I am not writing or gaming, I am in the forest or at the Marsh.  


Some of my favorite ways to consume Cannabis are: cold start dabs, edibles, fat blunts and bong rips. I love chocolate covered almonds or Roman’s when the munchies kick in. I really like to kayak, go on hikes, hang out at the beach looking for agates and going to yard sales looking for treasures.


I am the owner and head of our in-house garden, which is right her on-site in Arcata. I take pride in our Heart of Humboldt flower. I was the Yo-Yo Champion for the City of Eureka when I was 12. I like to play poker and I love old, fast cars. 


Some of my favorite ways to consume Cannabis are: Dabs, blunts, joints, bong hits, pipes, vapes, and edibles - in that order. I’ll eat anything when I’m high! Literally anything. I like to play Apex, Red Dead Redemption and GTA, I also enjoy any interesting shows and movies, especially documentaries. I probably enjoy fishing and riding downhill bikes the most when I’m high.


My favorite way to consume cannabis is dabs, bong, joints- but dabs all day, though! I dig the Candy Cane of our in-house flower. It is super tasty. 

I enjoy painting, drawing, making candles, making loose incense and tea blends. I absolutely LOVE PIZZA! I would eat it every day if I could!

Lead Cultivator

Smoke 'em if you've got 'em! My favorite way to consume cannabis is rolling it up and smoking it! My favorite strain we grow is White Runtz. I graduated with an Art Degree from HSU (now CalPoly). I love to cook for my friends and family and play with my black lab, Sunny. My wrestler name is "Te-Keely-Shot". Weird facts about me are that I love hot cheetos and tacos and I like playing pool.

Store Manager

My favorite way to consume cannabis is to smoke it! I like our in-house Apple Fritter and Candy Candy or just any Indica flower that are well-cured and taste great. I have been writing Hip Hop music since the age of 14. I like gaming. I love reading comic books - Thor and Batman are two of my favorite characters.

Marketing Director

Dabs! Dabs! DABS!! Dabs are definitely my favorite way to consume cannabis.  Of the in-house flower the Apple Fritter or the Candy Cane might be my favorites. In my spare time, I am constantly making art, freelance writing, and playing with my toddler. I love to learn about the cannabis industry and expand my marketing skillset. 


My favorite way to consume cannabis is rolling it up in a joint, spliffs to be specific. It used to be bongs in high school. Apple Fritter is my favorite flower from our in-house brands, but MOCA has been my local favorite. I am am full of weird facts. I was born on New Years. I love Godzilla and ABBA. I am obsessed with basketball and the Chicago Bulls. I have lived and worked in a lighthouse. My middle name, which is Cuban, means roughly "island" in Spanish, making my name Ellis Island. I like drawing, going on walks, and DJ-ing. My DJ name is L.S.B. and you can catch me at @L_S._B

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Assistant Cultivator

My favorite way to consume cannabis is rolling up flower and enjoying the occasional edible. My favorite in-house strains are our Candy Cane and the Apple Fritter. I am fluent in French and enjoy working with ceramics.

Aliens are REAL!

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