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"The Heart of Humboldt"

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Safely Produced & Lab Tested

The Heart of Humboldt produces an array of flowers on site,  as well as offering you a wide selection of vendor produced buds.  Both our grow and store front are maintained parallel to Clean Green Standards to ensure the best and safest of quality from clone to cure to you!  Each batch of flowers is tested by local Evio Labs for potency, and consistency. 

Quality Edibles

We offer an expansive pantry of edibles and beverages to choose from. Satisfy your taste-buds with your favorite sweet and savory flavors. 

We are proud to accommodate your health needs by offering several vegan, gluten free, and sugar free options.

Extensive Extracts

We've got concentrates!  Whether you are looking for a new vape cartridge, dabs, rosins or some kief to sprinkle on your buds the Heart of Humboldt carries your favorite extracts.  Check out our ever growing selection on Leafly and Weedmaps!