The Humboldt CA Association  

"The Heart of Humboldt"

Welcome to The Heart of Humboldt

Doors are now open for both medical patients and recreational consumers. 
Thank you all for your patience and understanding through the wait.  We are overjoyed to be available to everyone once again. 
Whether you are an experienced "cannaseur" or new to the realm we have all the products and information you need.

Stop by today to see our new recreational space!

Our Consumers

We make a formal promise in our policy statements to our patients and patrons, which represents our commitment to their satisfaction.  

The philosophy behind our organizational structure is not measured by our asset worth, it is instead measured by our personal worth and attributes.  Our organizational purpose is to provide a quality product to our patients.  Our order of priorities will always be:

1) Our Consumers

2) Our Community

3) Ourselves

Our Community

 It's in the name!  The Heart of Humboldt is  a community based organization, and in turn serves its community.  

We proudly sponsor local community functions and provide donations to charity events.  

We are continually involved in clothing drives and food donations.
Inquire with a staff member to learn more if you would like to participate.

Our Team

 The Heart of Humboldt provides a quality medical and recreational Cannabis distribution business. 

We strive to work together to provide an informative, compassionate experience to our customers and our staff alike. 

Happy People make Happy Plants, and Happy Plants make a Happy Heart.