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"The Heart of Humboldt"

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Clean Green Certified & SCLabs Tested Flowers

At THCA we grow all of our flowers in house in order to make sure that quality is the first priority. All of our flowers are Cleen Green Certified, and are sent out for potency testing to SClabs. All lab results are available for review on the SCLabs website or at our store for viewing.

Quality Edibles

We offer several types of edibles to chose from. Potency varies from 1 mg of THC to 1000mg of THC, and also have a variety of high CBD edibles. We are also proud to offer several vegan, gluten free, and sugar free options.

C02  & H20 Extracted Concentrates

At THCA we only carry C02 and H20 extracted concentrates in order to be sure all extracts are clean and reliable for our patients. All extracts are sent for testing to SCLabs to ensure quality control.